regarding the Unity engine

Unity is an awful company that proudly works for the US military, against their workers’ will, and they make sure to renew their contract every so often because they don’t think murdering civilians in other countries (and in their own country, as history tells us) is anything but lucrative.

together with some other weird stuff about how they only seem to care about games as monetised products à la the hyper-casual game model that ruined mobile games, i think it’s important to clarify that the veadotube project does not condone Unity, both the company and the engine, at all.

that could be said about a few other technologies used during the development of veadotube as well, including operating systems made by other equally shitty if not worse companies – but the Unity logo is the one thing that’s displayed right when the app is opened, and there’s no option to disable that unless i give them money. which sucks.

i make an effort to use better software made by better people; i’m not using Unity for any other new project of mine, for example, and i’ve been learning Godot for that. on the other hand, porting the entire veadotube project to another engine right now is unfeasible, as there’s a lot of work already done behind the scenes, and i literally cannot afford to redo all that, both in terms of time and my own mental health.

all i can assure is that any bad news regarding Unity won’t affect your experience with veadotube. we’ll make sure of that.