collabing with friends using

this guide is based on this other guide, made by pankraru — big thanks to them!

one way to stream multiple people using veadotube mini in different computers is by using; it has a feature that lets you stream your screen directly to someone else’s streaming software over the internet!

steps for the guest

if you’re not the one streaming, but you wanna share your mini avatar, here’s what you gotta do:

  1. visit;
  2. select Remote Screenshare into OBS, don’t worry if the streamer isn’t using OBS;
  3. select veadotube mini as the screen you wanna share;
  4. after confirming, copy the sharing link that the website gives to you! that’s the one that looks like;
  5. give the streamer the link you copied!

steps for the streamer

if you’re the one doing the streaming, ask your guest(s) with veadotube mini to do the guest steps, and then proceed:

if you’re using OBS

  1. in OBS, click on + in the Sources panel to add a new source, and select Browser;
  2. when asked what URL to use, paste the link the guest sent to you!

it might take a few seconds to show up, but soon you’ll see the guest’s avatar :]

if you’re using some other streaming software

you essentially grab the link the guest sent to you and you add it as a Browser source; take a look if your software supports that!