downloading & installing on macOS

hi! if you’re using a Mac computer and you plan to use veadotube mini but you’re not sure how to make it work, this is the page for you.


mini is known to work with machines running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or higher! anything lower than that apparently won’t work.

the app is built for Intel processors; if you’re using a newer Mac computer with an Apple silicon processor, the app will run through Rosetta, which means it won’t be running at full performance. i can’t do much about it, since i don’t have a newer Mac computer to test things!

a few bugs are known to happen to older but supported versions of macOS, due to weird Apple stuff.

downloading the thing

visit the official download page over, and over the Download section, click on Download Now. it’ll prompt a donation window; feel free to tip! if you don’t want to, you can just press the No thanks, just take me to the downloads link.

this should take you to the download screen! download the macOS version.

installing the thing

mount the .dmg file you just downloaded, and drag the veadotube mini application to your Applications folder. you should be able to use it

“veadotube mini is damaged and can’t be opened”

so Apple hates anyone who doesn’t pay for their Apple Developer account and publish their apps outside of the App Store instead. their way of showing that is by telling you that the app is “damaged” instead of saying “hey we can’t verify the author of this app, do you wanna open it anyway?”

it’s not difficult to fix that, though! bear with me for a bit.

  1. ensure that the app is in your Applications folder;
  2. open a Terminal window (open Spotlight with ⌘+space and look for “terminal”);
  3. paste this: xattr -cr /Applications/veadotube\, and press return.

now the app should work, if you try opening it again :] if it doesn’t, sometimes rebooting your machine can help too!