downloading & installing on Chrome OS

this guide is based on this YouTube video, because i don’t own a Chromebook and honestly i had no idea this was even possible before watching that video. big thanks to the author!

hi! if you’re using a Chromebook or some other Chrome OS machine, and you plan to use veadotube mini but you’re not sure how to make it work, this is the page for you.

i’ll say, Chrome OS support is not official as it’s actually the Linux version, which is already highly experimental, running inside Chrome OS. so it might not run 100%, but it works! apparently.

setting up a Linux environment

this guide makes use of a Chrome OS feature that lets you install a Linux environment on your machine, and not every Chrome OS machine supports it! if you wanna be sure, check out this page from Chromium. also you probably won’t be able to do this if you’re using a school Chromebook!

to use Linux under Chrome OS, you need to turn on Developer Mode, which lets you do this kind of funky stuff with your computer. it also has a few major drawbacks, including factory resetting your computer, potentially voiding your computer’s warranty, so on.

refer to other online guides on turning Developer Mode on! i don’t own a Chromebook and i’d rather not add instructions for potentially dangerous things like that without testing them myself.

after that, to setup a Linux environment, follow the following steps:

  1. click on the time, on the bottom-right corner, and select the Settings icon;
  2. go to Advanced, and select Developers;
  3. right next to Linux development environment, click on Turn on;
  4. follow the installation wizard; the default options will work fine.

downloading the thing

visit the official download page over, and over the Download section, click on Download Now. it’ll prompt a donation window; feel free to tip! if you don’t want to, you can just press the No thanks, just take me to the downloads link.

this should take you to the download screen! download the Linux version.

installing the thing

open the .zip file you just downloaded, and copy the veadotube mini folder inside it to the Linux files folder in your system.

open the Terminal app; that’s inside the Linux apps folder in the app drawer, and do the following:

  • paste chmod 755 veadotube\ mini/veadotube\ mini.x86_64, press enter;
  • paste sudo apt install menulibre, press enter;
  • if it pauses and says Do you want to continue? [Y/n], press enter;
  • paste menulibre, press enter.

after a while, it should open a new app; it’ll let you add veadotube mini as an app in the app drawer. select a fitting category, press the Add Launcher button (the little + in the top-left corner of the app), and select Add Launcher.

double-click the New Launcher title on the right panel, and change its name to “veadotube mini” (or really whatever you’d like). the important bit here is clicking on the folder icon next to the Command field, and navigating into the folders to find and select veadotube mini.x86_64.

click the Save Launcher button (the archive button right next to the + button in the top-left corner), and you can close both this app and Terminal.

after all that it’s finally installed! you can open mini in the same Linux apps folder that Terminal was in :]

updating the thing

if you’re upgrading to a new version of veadotube mini, you can do the following:

  • redo the downloading step;
  • delete the veadotube mini folder in the Linux files folder;
  • redo the .zip folder copying step.