finding the data files & logs

veadotube mini saves session data regularly, which includes app settings and the autosaved .veadomini avatar.

in the same folder, Unity saves the log files, which describe how the app is behaving behind the scenes, and might be useful to track bugs!

the data folder is only created after the app is opened for a first time, and its location changes depending on the system you’re using.

finding on Windows

open the Run window. you can do that by pressing Windows + R, or by right-clicking the Start button on the corner and selecting Run.

now paste this path on the dialog box:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\olmewe\veadotube mini

press enter. the data folder should open!

finding on macOS

open Finder and open the Go to Folder window. you can do that by pressing Command + Shift + G, or by going to the menu bar (the one with the Apple icon), selecting Go, and then Go to Folder.

now paste one of these on the dialog box, depending on which files you’re looking for:

  • data files: ~/Library/Application Support/olmewe/veadotube mini
  • log files: ~/Library/Logs/olmewe/veadotube mini

press return. the desired folder should open!

finding on Linux

the folder is at the following path:

~/.config/unity3d/olmewe/veadotube mini

as Linux installations often have different file browser apps that behave differently, i can’t tell you how to get there! but it’s there.

the files themselves

in that folder, you should find the following files:

  • data.yaml contains the current app settings, including background colour, currently selected microphone device, microphone sensitivity levels, and so on;
  • autosave.veadomini is the current avatar, which it’s automatically saved right before the app is closed;
  • Player.log is the latest log file, and it logs most internal Unity and veadotube functions and behaviours, useful for debugging;
  • Player-prev.log is the second-to-last log file; essentially the same contents but for a previous session of the app.

you can delete any of these if you’d like, which should only clear your in-app data and not affect anything else.