downloading & installing on Linux

hi! if you’re using a Linux system and you plan to use veadotube but you’re not sure how to make it work, this is the page for you.

downloading the thing

for mini, visit the official download page over, and over the Download section, click on Download Now. it’ll prompt a donation window; feel free to tip! if you don’t want to, you can just press the No thanks, just take me to the downloads link.

this should take you to the download screen! select to download the Linux version.

opening the thing

veadotube comes inside a .zip file; don’t run the app directly from inside the .zip! extract it first.

inside the extracted folder, you should find a text file called requirements.txt. make sure that the packages listed in this file are installed in your system! this procedure changes between package managers, so you’ll have to do your own research here. in any case, in most popular distros the basic packages are already installed!

you should be able to run veadotube_mini or veadotube now! your system might also not open it right away, treating it like as something other than an executable, and for that you might need to change its permissions. in most systems, the following steps should work:

  1. open a Terminal window on the folder containing the executable;
  2. run one of the following commands, depending on the version you downloaded:
    • veadotube mini: chmod +x ./veadotube_mini
    • veadotube mini 1.4 or older: chmod +x ./veadotube\ mini.x86_64
    • veadotube: chmod +x ./veadotube

now you should actually be able to run it :]

chromebooks and whatnot

if you’re using a ChromeOS device, you might be able to install veadotube on it by using the Linux environment in your machine. this YouTube video describes how to install veadotube mini 1.3c, which should give you the general direction for more recent versions, too! beware that this is unofficial, as we don’t own a Chromebook, and have no intention to officially support it.