creating and installing language packs

veadotube now supports multiple languages! it comes with English, Portuguese and Spanish, since these are the three languages we know best, but we do support custom language packs as .zip add-ons :]

installing language packs

given that you have a .zip file for a language pack, you can head on to your add-ons folder and put your .zip in there!

please ensure that the file comes from somewhere you trust, so that you’re not putting anything weird on your veadotube installation.

if you don’t know where your add-ons folder is, refer to the data folder guide!

creating language packs

we use .yaml files to localize the app, and the built-in ones are all located in the text folder next to the executable. you could just put more .yaml files in there, but the .zip file is a more streamlined way to create and share language packs!

first you gotta pick the IETF language tag for the language you’re translating to – for example, Portuguese uses pt, and we can get more specific like pt-BR for Brazilian Portuguese, so on.

let’s say you picked pt-BR as your language tag! your .zip file then should have a folder inside it called text, which should contain the following files:


you can use the built-in localization files as a base for your translation – that’s why we made them easy to access in the first place :]

there can be breaking changes between app versions, meaning that some localization keys can change without warning. also if veadotube doesn’t find a key it should simply fallback to English so the user won’t see anything weird happening!