welcome to the veadotube help page! this is an effort to aggregate everything you might need to know about the app in one, indexable place, instead of keeping it lost in a Discord chat.

everything in here is written with the latest version of veadotube mini in mind, which is currently 1.4.


below are a few tutorials and articles on how to do things with veadotube:

downloading & installing on Windows

downloading & installing on macOS

downloading & installing on Linux

downloading & installing on Chrome OS

creating and preparing images

using the app and building your avatar with it

streaming with OBS

collabing with friends using

recovering images from a .veadomini file

finding the data files & logs

common issues & questions

veadotube is a project coded by myself, with the help of a few friends from time to time. as such, it’s impossible for me to support every platform or device or anything out there. but i try my best! as the intention of the project is to make these digital puppets accessible for anyone.

if you’re having issues, before anything, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app (1.4)! if unsure, try redownloading it.

running the app

i can’t download veadotube mini for free, it asks me to pay for it

just click on the link on top that says “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”!

Windows tells me the app is a virus

i guarantee you it’s not! as long as you’re downloading from the official source (the link in the home page), of course. refer to the opening guide.

VirusTotal tells me the app is a virus

it’s a false positive! that website is full of false positives, too. again, if you downloaded the app from the official source (the link in the home page), you’re safe.

Windows tells me UnityPlayer.dll cannot be found

remember to unzip the file you downloaded first, instead of opening the app directly from inside the zip! running as administrator might help you, too. in any case, refer to the opening guide!

i’m getting a black screen on Windows

that’s usually a graphics card issue! update your drivers! also look into updating your DirectX.

macOS says the app is damaged

i’m not a registered Apple Developer who pays for an Apple Developer subscription, which means Apple tries to undermine the app. so it’s not damaged! refer to the opening guide to fix that.

if that doesn’t work, try googling it, honestly! it’s a common error among apps like mine.

macOS says there are no mountable file systems / the app won’t run

you’re probably running on an old version of macOS! mini requires at least High Sierra (10.13) due to a Unity limitation.

my Linux installation can’t open the executable

remember to do the Terminal trick on the opening guide!

my Linux installation crashes the app at startup

i’ll be honest, it could really be anything. Unity doesn’t make it clear how their Linux builds work so i can’t even tell you that you’re missing any dependencies here. you probably know more about this Linux thing than i do.

using the app

my microphone doesn’t work with the app

the mic is known to not work or simply not show up on the microphone list for a few people, especially on Windows 32-bit. here’s a few things you can try:

  • make sure the microphone sensitivity slider isn’t too high!
  • unplug your microphone and plug it back again!
  • restart the app! maybe twice!
  • run the app as administrator (Windows) or with root access (Linux)
  • on Windows, remember to install all the requirements!

my microphone captures way too much noise

mini doesn’t do anything to filter noise coming from the microphone as of yet! a solution is being worked on.

for now, you might wanna look into audio software that does just that, and then route that audio back to mini.

hotkeys won’t work

if the app doesn’t detect hotkeys, you can try a few things:

  • Windows: run the app as administrator!
  • macOS: let the app use keystrokes over System Settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy!
  • Linux: run the app with root access!

it is known that hotkeys might crash the app on a few machines (specifically Windows 32-bit)! that’s still being investigated, sorry about the inconvenience.

i can’t select any images / it only lets me select .veadomini files

try using the face buttons on top, instead of the avatar file button !

error/crash when trying to open/save images or files

on Windows, try running as administrator, and remember to install all the requirements!

this seems to be a common issue in macOS machines, in particular. no fix has been found yet!

it says my images are larger than allowed

the image dimensions limit is 2048x2048, which means it cannot be wider or taller than 2048 pixels. please refer to the resizing guide!

some images don’t appear correctly

a few image file formats aren’t fully supported! for a full list of supported files, refer to the image guide.

if your image seems to have a weird coloured or otherwise grey border on your streaming software, that’s a Unity bug!

my avatar appears too blurry / i have a pixel avatar and it looks awful

try changing the image mode to sharp, under the display settings ! there might be cases where the thing is still too blurry; that’s being worked on.

my avatar has a weird border when i capture it on my streaming software

that’s a known bug that’s somewhat out of my control, and it’s a lot more to do with the way streaming apps capture the Unity window. i’m working on minimising that effect but i don’t think i can avoid it altogether.

if you’re using OBS on Windows 64-bit, you might wanna use Spout to capture the veadotube window!

the app didn’t autosave my avatar and i lost it

the autosave is being constantly improved on, though that bug might still happen in rare circumstances! i’m sorry you lost it though, not sure there’s anything you can do about it right now.

always remember to keep a copy of your avatar as a .veadomini file!


the interface won’t hide automatically

to make sure the interface won’t show up, click on hide interface under the display settings button ! you can click on the app screen later to display the interface back again.

the app is taking up too much RAM

images take a lot of space in RAM, despite the file size itself (hence the 2048x2048 limit)! this should be less of an issue in the future, but for now you can try a few things:

  • have less images loaded!
  • shrink/crop your images a bit!
  • if you’re working with animated images (PNG, GIF), use less frames!

for more information, refer to the image guide.

the app runs really badly alongside other games

veadotube is made in Unity, which is a game engine, so sometimes your computer might be confused as to why there are two games running; a few DirectX tricks might help you here.

the app won’t work if it’s minimised

leave it in the background then, without minimising! that might happen with a few devices.

the app is full screen for some reason

press alt + enter and you should be out!


what’s the default size for the app window?

960 x 540!

how do i use my avatar in video calls?

for now refer to the OBS guide! OBS lets you create a virtual webcam, thus letting you use your avatar in Discord video calls, for example.

is there a way to listen to a Discord user instead of a microphone?

you’re probably looking for something that behaves like Discord Reactive Images by FugiTech, and that’s probably your best alternative if you’re willing to have simpler talksprites!

if you wanna use mini nonetheless, check out the guide.


will the app be available on Android?

there are plans! i can’t tell you when that’s gonna happen, but surely at some point.

will the app be available on the iPhone or iPad?

if you buy me an iPhone and an Apple Developer account subscription then sure!

will the app be officially available on ChromeOS?

if you buy me a Chromebook then i’ll think about it! like i don’t think i want a Chromebook actually, that sounds like a curse

will you add a feature like this and that?

there aren’t greater plans for mini apart from being a simple pngtuber application, so apart from QoL stuff, the answer is No, Probably! i’m saving these more advanced features in the full version only.

what’s different in the full version?

the full version is essentially a playground for connecting images together and move them, show/hide them, based on external input like microphones, webcams, so on.

it should let you create things ranging from PNGTubers with accessories and advanced state machines & conditions, to full-on avatars with webcam tracking and whatnot! all while keeping things simpler than it would usually be.

it should also have a few more features for streaming, such as collabing!

when will the full version come out?

no idea! it’s not steady work, and honestly it was at some point but it sucked and i hated the experience. so i’m taking my time exploring features and redesigning things until they’re good enough. it’s done when it’s done!

i’m expecting to do some sort of closed beta whenever everything’s more stable, but i have no idea when that’s gonna happen. luckily by the end of this year?

why the hell does this app support flipnote files?

idk i was just really bored one day!

still having trouble?

if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with the community about it! someone in our Discord server might have an answer for you. the invite is in the home page!