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the app suite for 2D digital puppets

the lightweight, easy-to-use pngtuber app.

  • easy setup! you can get it running with just two pictures of your character.
  • add motion to your avatar! make it shake or jump around.
  • switch between avatar states! setup different emotions for your avatar and use hotkeys to switch between them.
  • GIF and animated PNG support! as well as your usual image formats.

download for free on!


a fully fledged 2D vtuber app, with an editor that's fun and easy to use and play with.

in development!

about the project

veadotube (vee·ah·doe·tube) is a collection of tools created to make live avatars more accessible to those who enjoy virtual puppetry. the mascot is Tube, the deer (they/them).

it's being developed by me, olmewe, with art by BELLA!, who also designed Tube.

this project is entirely funded by donations and whatnot! if you enjoy the work, consider donating to my ko-fi :]


we got a discord server if that's your thing!

open source

if you're a developer, know that parts of the code are available on the veadotube open source corner :] feel free to use it or contribute to it.

more bits of the code will be opened, as development continues.