veadotube (vee·ah·doe·tube) is a collection of tools created to make live avatars more accessible to those who enjoy virtual puppetry, created and developed by olmewe and BELLA!. Tube the deer (they/them) is our mascot :]

the lightweight, easy-to-use pngtuber app available for free on :]

a fully fledged 2D vtuber app, with an editor that’s fun and easy to use; currently in development!

support the project and get early access to development builds on ko-fi!

please read the terms of use page before using the app!

if you need any help with the app, we got a few tutorials and troubleshooting information here!

we got a discord server if that’s your thing! if you have any issues with the app, please read the help page first.

parts of the code are slowly being made available on the veadotube open source corner :]